The Major Advantages Of Hot Forging Aluminum

There are many ways that you can form aluminum, but hot forging is one of the best ways. This is because the forming process gives the end product powerful properties that make it stand out. There are so many advantages that come with hot forging aluminum compared to other forming methods.

Note that hot forging has been one of the oldest forms of forging. For better understanding, we are going to discuss these benefits below. These are factors that make hot forging aluminum products popular in the market,

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Variety of Shapes

When hot forging aluminum, the billet is first heated to crystallization temperature, where the metal gets to molten form. This allows the manufacturer to play around with the molten billet to form all kinds of shapes. Both complex and even ornate shapes can be easily formed with hot forging aluminum. This is one of the biggest reasons why hot forging aluminum is still considered the best by most forging manufacturers.

Better Mechanical Qualities

The other benefit that comes with hot forging aluminum is better mechanical qualities. You will definitely like the hardness that comes with hot-forged aluminum products. In some cases, these metals can be as hard as steel. The strength and weight ratio is also capable of exceeding that of steel if the forging is done properly. This is because the metallurgical grain structure of the aluminum metals is improved with hot forging.

Cheaper Products

Because of the lightweight features of aluminum and the low crystallization temperature, it does not cost a lot to forge these parts. In fact, you will find out the hot-forged aluminum products are a little bit cheaper than their counterparts. This is because the amount of energy needed to produce these parts is smaller. This is one of the ways that the overall cost of hot forging aluminum is reduced.

Minimal Polishing

With hot forging aluminum, you don’t need extensive polishing like with other metals such as steel. The polishing work needed is also quite minimal. This means you don’t need to invest in finishing equipment. These are just some of the ways hot forging aluminum gets products cheaper. So minimal finishing another advantage you should know.

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